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Meet The Team

Alex Magliore
Executive Chef

Alex has had a passion for Culinary Arts since the young age of 4. He spent his early years learning about food through the influence of his family, who are of African American and West Indian Descent. In July of 2000, Alex decided that his next journey would be with the United States Navy where he enlisted as an undesignated seaman. He was stationed in Yokosuka, Japan, on board the USS Kitty Hawk and traveled all over South East Asia learning about different cultures and cuisines. 


It was through his experience and travel with the armed forces that Alex rediscovered his love for food. After working the pits as a Boiler Technician for almost 2 years, he worked his was way up, and successfully advanced to the rank of 3rd Class Culinary Specialist. Alex completed four years of service on the USS Kitty Hawk including Deployment to Afghanistan and Iraqi during: Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Southern Watch, and Operation Iraqi Freedom. 


Alex was honorably discharged in 2004. Upon his return to civilian life, Alex worked in a number of hotels, and restaurants, climbing the ranks of the culinary field from banquet chef to the title of Executive Chef while simultaneously working on his Associates degree in Culinary arts from the Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College in Philadelphia, which he received in 2009. In 2015, Alex competed on Food Network’s hit show “Chopped” during a special Military Vets episode where he represented the United States Navy. 


Alex is currently the Executive Chef at 286 South in Staten island, NY. Chef Alex works very closely with Komeeda, which is a service that provides food experiences that are unique, immersive, cultural, and fun using the platform of private dinners, catering, competitions, and Pop- Up Restaurants as a vehicle to mobilize people to engage with culture through food. On November 10th, 2018, Chef Alex presented a special dinner at the prestigious James Beard House in Manhattan in honor of Veteran’s Day. 

 Lalith Rathnayake

A seasoned 15 plus years in star level food service industry. His passions have been in farm-to-table initiatives with an emphasis on local organic and sustainable practices.


At a young age Lalith apprenticed under Michelin starred restaurants in Dubai and quickly absorbed the nature of fine dining food culture. After masterfully executing fine dining experience for several years, he moved to the United States and Joined IOP Hospitality Group as a Corporate executive chef. handling several High-end restaurants and banquets where he sharpened his retail knowledge and corporate culture.

Lalith Rathnayake.jpeg
Joe Guli.jpeg

 Joe Guli
Chief of Hospitality 

At 23 years old, our General Manager, Joey Guli started his career managing Fresca’s on The Bay in Staten Island, NY and has since made his mark on several remarkable establishments including Mark Joseph’s and Surv Kitchen & Lounge. 

Today, the foundation Joe built has lent itself to the inception of 286 South where he was hands on in every facet of decision making on both the restaurant and catering side. Overseeing the culinary experience with a focus on gourmet food while always maintaining an elevated atmosphere is paramount to the 286 South culture.

“286 South will leave a classically unique impression upon your palate – I recommend everything on the menu.”

Joey Guli

Vin D’Acunto
Director of Food & Beverage

286 South is proud to have Vin D’Acunto, a 35-year veteran in the wine and liquor industry as our Director of Food & Beverage. He started out as a salesperson covering top accounts in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. His extensive knowledge in all aspects of the industry including manufacturing, marketing, sales, import/export, events, and wine, all translates to a unique and eclectic beverage program featuring wines and spirits that are sure to please the pallet.  Our selection of wines, ports and spirits are specially handpicked by Vin, who is a master of wine, having earned his certification and title in 1999.  He is the founder of Americana Luxury Vodka, America’s first luxury vodka launched in 2007, and most recently the senior consultant and founder of Metropolitan Beverage Consultants where he uses his industry knowledge to help fledgling companies gain access to the competitive NY market.  He also loves to cook and has published a book called “The Spirited Chef” which features all recipes using spirits.

“Feel free to ask me about the best wine and food pairings or to just chat about the latest and greatest wine.”

Vin D’Acunto


Scott Maurer
Executive Director of Marketing &  Corporate Culture

Many refer to Scott Maurer, the CEO and President of LeadGEN Media Group & CapitalWORKS Funding Inc, as an online marketing visionary, with much reason; the serial entrepreneur was instrumental in the development and execution of online lead generation within the collegiate admissions industry using the power of the Internet.

As the Executive Director of Marketing and Corporate Culture for 286 South, he will utilize his success and unique media creativity by developing and implementing marketing strategies to drive revenue growth and increase brand awareness. Scott is also responsible for creating a positive corporate culture that reflects the values and vision of the restaurant and venue creating unique engagement and ultimately sales by staying on top of current trends and emerging technologies. 


Maintaining the restaurant's brand is paramount as he will oversee and develop media, handle all communications while promoting 286 South through the channels of futuristic public relations.


“By delivering WOW service to our customers, 286 South will start with commitment and finish with consistency.”

Scott Maurer

Jamie Malliae
Lead Mixologist

Introducing our masterful mixologist, Jamie Malliae; born and raised on Staten Island, she is true artist of libations. With precision and passion, Jamie crafts each cocktail with an expert hand, weaving together exotic flavors and premium ingredients. Her imaginative creations are a symphony for the senses, elevating the dining experience to new heights.


Jamie has a passion for leaving an impression on people and believes that if she can make each and every patron smile, she’s done her job. She grows giddy at the idea of making someone’s day brighter and likes to do that through her craft. Whatever your spirit of choice is, she’ll have something ready to leave you tickled.


For a drink that's truly unforgettable, visit 286 South to sip and savor the creations of our high-end mixologist, Jamie Malile.


“We are dedicated to bringing an array of sophisticated cocktails to my hometown.”

Jamie Malliae

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